Call for Network-on-chip Benchmarks

Network-on-chip Benchmarking Workgroup at OCP-IP (NoCBWG)


NoCBWG is building a set of benchmarks to distribute to researchers. You are invited to participate in the creation of this benchmark set. NoCBWG will accept benchmark submissions in the format made public in the benchmarks specifications document, located here (please note that viewing the document requires an OCP-IP Members account.) These may comprise application task graphs, NoC communication architectures, communication trace files, and an associated four-six page paper. The goal of the paper should be to explain the benchmark, what it does, and why it is relevant to a particular user community (CAD, design, test, etc.). Benchmark authors should be willing to allow distribution of source code and/or input sets. If the authors wish their source code or trace files to remain confidential, submitted data will be only used for development purposes. Published code may be open source consistent with the GNU general public license (see

We encourage NoC researchers to submit benchmarks from any application domain. Benchmarks submitted in description languages other than the published XML/schema format are acceptable, as long as the submitting authors will commit to working together with the NoCBWG towards translating these into the XML format made public by the workgroup.

The criteria that will be used to judge benchmark submissions include:

  •  Significance of the benchmark to the user community
  •  Ease of use
  •  Quality of the benchmark write-up and documentation
  •  Compatibility of the submitted code to the required XML format and schema
  •  Submission format

Successful submissions will be included in the NoCBM benchmark set and their associated descriptive, short, four-six page papers will be published on-line on the OCP‑IP website.

 Important Dates: submissions are accepted until December 30th, 2008.

 Send all submissions to