Recent News


October 15, 2013 Accellera Systems Initiative Acquires Open Core Protocol Standard and Infrastructure to Strengthen Interoperability in Electronic Standards Development

July 16, 2013 OCP-IP Releases White Paper Profiling EEMBC MultiBench Programs in a 64 Core Machine

February 13, 2013 TI Wins OCP-IP's Outstanding Contributor of the Year Award for 2012

August 29, 2012 First Business' Chuck Coppola Interviews OCP-IP President Ian Mackintosh 

August 13, 2012 Bloomberg Radio Partner Kevin Price Interviews OCP-IP President Ian R. Mackintosh; discusses new book Empower Your Inner Manager (Note: See 8/13 recording in show archives)

August 05, 2012 OCP-IP President Ian interview with iUniverse Radio - New Book: Empower Your Inner Manger

August 01, 2012 OCP-IP President Ian R. Mackintosh publishes new book: Empower Your Inner Manager

May 29, 2012 OCP-IP Releases new "Introduction to Open Core Protocol" Book

May 23, 2012 OCP-IP Releases New Compliance Document into Member Review

May 23, 2012 OCP-IP Releases OCP 3.1 Specification into Member Review

May 22, 2012 OCP-IP Delivers Enhanced Transaction Generator Package - 8 New Traffic Models

April 03, 2012 OCP-IP Announces Newly Enhanced Advanced Accellera Systems Initiative SystemC TLM Kit

March 13, 2012 OCP-IP Announces Online DATE Virtual-Conference Presentations

March 07, 2012 Duolog's OCP Toolkit Available FREE for Immediate Evaluation Via Xuropa


December 19, 2011  Cadence Wins 2011 OCP-IP Contributor of the Year Award

November 2, 2011        OCP-IP Delivers Enhanced Transaction Generator Package

October 19, 2011          OCP-IP Announces Updated Research Bibliography

Sept 29, 2011   First Industry-Wide Web Portal for Transaction-Level Model Access Welcomes Model Developers and Users

July 26, 2011   EVE Joins OCP-IP as a Sponsor Member

June 07, 2011   OCP-IP Delivers New Accurate DRAM Memory Model Package

May 24, 2011     OCP-IP Develops New Relaxed Commercial Use License For SystemC Transaction Level Modeling Kit

May 17, 2011              OCP-IP Announces Updated Functional Checks and Assertions Available to Sponsor-Level Members

April 12, 2011              OCP-IP Highlights Successful Implementation of Advance OCP Features in Leading-Edge Designs

April 5, 2011                Renesas Mobile Corporation Enters Into Open Core Protocol International Partnership

March 29, 2011 Arrow Devices, Design Rivers, EDA Express, Samplify, Silicon Integrated Systems, TrueChip and University of Utah Join OCP-IP

March 14, 2011            Magillem SA announces, that Magillem Platform Assembly solution is now supporting OCP Vendor Extension for IEEE 1685 IP-XACT

March 14, 2011            OCP-IP Announces Online DATE Virtual-Conference Presentations

February 28, 2011         Cadence Opens and Extends Verification IP Catalog for Use Across Silicon, SoC and System Development

February 2, 2011          Using SystemC to Build a System-on-Chip Platform

January 31, 2011          Facing up to the Challenges of SoC Integration


December 13, 2010       System-Level Design Community - Status Update

November 29, 2010       Atomic Rules Renews Community Membership in the Open Core Protocol International Partnership

November 29, 2010       MIPS Wins OCP-IP Contributor of the Year Award

November 29, 2010       OCP-IP Announces Availability of New Memory Modeling White Paper

October 12, 2010         OCP-IP Partners with Duolog Technologies to Provide OCP Performance Analysis Solution

August 24, 2010          OCP-IP Delivers Transaction Generator Package

August 23, 2010          OCP-IP Provides Virtual Platform Leveraging Advanced OCP SystemC TLM Modeling Kit

August 18, 2010          Viewpoint: OCP Application in Vector Graphics Hardware IP Solution by Eisaku Ohbuchi, DMP Inc.

June 28, 2010             OCP Verification of Configurable OCP Interfaces by Carlo Del Giglio and Alok Sanghavi, Jasper Design Automation

February 22, 2010       Thumbs up for Open Core Protocol (OCP) Version 3.0 by Clive Maxfield, TechBites

January 1, 2010          Development OCP Wrapper for Non-OCP Reuse IP Cores, January 2010 OCP-IP Newsletter

January                     An Analysis of Blocking Versus Non-Blocking Flow Control in On-Chip Networks by Drew Wingard, TechOnline (NOTE: Login Required)